Book 2: The Portal Maker (Paperback)


Letisha Tate is an ordinary girl with an extraordinary secret. Toby has spent the last hundred years suspended in time. Their best friend is a watch-collecting dragon named Sheridan. With summer upon them, Letisha and Toby are looking forward to a holiday in the Otherworld. Toby’s parents battle with the decision to sell their beloved shop. Sheridan is given the task of babysitting his boffin cousin, a dragon who is playing around with the science of time. The trouble is, Time might not want to play along. Letisha returns in her second fantastical adventure stretching beyond worlds. She’s battled Father Time before, but will she be able to handle the nastiest monsters the Otherworld has to offer and save her own world before it’s too late?

The Portal Maker is Book Two of the Fourth Ouroboros series.

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