Book 1: Dragons and Dreamsellers (Paperback)


Letisha Tate is a mismatched little girl with a serious time-keeping problem. When she gets packed off to stay with an ancient family friend Mr Tempus, things aren’t what they seem. Mr Tempus is keeping many secrets in his little Watchmakers shop, including a mysterious door that opens up into a magical land known as The Otherworld. Mr Tempus introduces Letisha to a host of outlandish customers, including Sheridan the watch-collecting dragon, the spited spirit Mrs Grisham’s Ghost, and a mysterious salesman known as Mr Dreamseller. When Mr Tempus is kidnapped and it’s up to Letisha and Sheridan to save him, she is thrust into adventure and a world beyond her own imagination.

Dragons and Dreamsellers is Book One of the Fourth Ouroboros series.

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