The Fourth Ouroboros Anthology

dragons and dreamsellers book cover

Dragons and Dreamsellers (Book 1): Letisha Tate is a mismatched little girl with a serious time-keeping problem. When she gets packed off to stay with an ancient family friend Mr Tempus, things aren’t what they seem. Mr Tempus is keeping many secrets in his little Watchmakers shop, including a mysterious door that opens up into a magical land known as The Otherworld. Mr Tempus introduces Letisha to a host of outlandish customers, including Sheridan the watch-collecting dragon, the spited spirit Mrs Grisham’s Ghost, and a mysterious salesman known as Mr Dreamseller. When Mr Tempus is kidnapped and it’s up to Letisha and Sheridan to save him, she is thrust into adventure and a world beyond her own imagination.

portal maker book krista joy

The Portal Maker (Book 2): Letisha Tate is an ordinary girl with an extraordinary secret. Toby has spent the last hundred years suspended in time. Their best friend is a watch-collecting dragon named Sheridan. With summer upon them, Letisha and Toby are looking forward to a holiday in the Otherworld. Toby’s parents battle with the decision to sell their beloved shop. Sheridan is given the task of babysitting his boffin cousin, a dragon who is playing around with the science of time. The trouble is, Time might not want to play along. Letisha returns in her second fantastical adventure stretching beyond worlds. She’s battled Father Time before, but will she be able to handle the nastiest monsters the Otherworld has to offer and save her own world before it’s too late?

mechanical dragon book krista joy

The Mechanical Dragon (Book 3): Letisha Tate is trying to tackle becoming a big sister. Toby hears somebody whispering in the walls of the little shop. Sheridan tries to handle his uncle’s booming jam business and manage a hoard of helpful Nixies. It’s not easy being the guardian of a magical time-bending watch. Sometimes Letisha can’t help using it for everyday problems. But when a mysterious dragon-shaped automaton is delivered and addressed to her, she’ll need more than a few tricks to outwit a new enemy. When the trio set out into the Otherworld to discover its origins, they get more than they bargained for. Suddenly the very fabric of reality is at risk.

Fantastic book! Very hard to put down. This book is gripping from start to finish. Although it’s a childrens book, I enjoyed reading it and I think any adult would. Very intelligently written with fantastic characters and a clever storyline. I would love to see this book turned into a film.

This is one of those books that you shouldn’t pick up to read if you’ve got an appointment in the next couple of hours. With all the adventure you would expect in a book called ‘Dragons and Dreamsellers’, this book is a delight to read with plot twists and turns that keep you guessing right to the last page. Whether you’re a child, or a child at heart, this book will give you hours of enjoyment and wouldn’t be out of place mentioned in the same breath as Narnia, Potter or Middle-Earth!

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