Roses are red

Dragons are blue

Or pink, or green…

Special Valentines Day Dragons are now on sale in the Billy Dylan Etsy Shop, ready to take home and give to your sweetheart (or to yourself, everyone likes a treat now and again!) Super cute dragons offer you flowers, a stolen kiss or simply a sparkly heart. Then there’s Byron, who’s already tucking into his box of chocolates! Each of these guys comes in a special red box, and the four of them are ready to go now!

If there is something special you fancy, you can contact us with your ideas and see if we can’t cook up a commission for you! Some of these dragons have been added to with paper roses, but only the imagination is the limit!

Don’t delay, start your dragon collection today!


Krista Joy

24 Jan 2012

Watch this space for cute new Gargoyle Dragons – they’re baking in the oven as we speak!



'The Willing Cadaver' - concept artWe’ve taken advantage of the unusually sunny weather today and finally got outside to photograph the three robot siblings, who have so far only been into the studio.

The wonderful Bonded Warehouse site is right on my doorstep, and is a glorious example of industrial decay, both a bleak sign of the times, and a beautiful hideout for colour and texture. Coupled with threatening grey clouds, it was the perfect backdrop for the three broken robot siblings.

The concept for AGN8S 500 came from a drawing created on a long and lonesome train journey to the capital, in which an unfinished robot offers up the stolen heart of a cadaver, as she hasn’t one of her own. The finished drawing, quick and primitive as it was, spawned one of my favourite (and creepiest) puppet creations. It was only fair that AGN8S has finally been captured in suitable surroundings, along with her siblings.

A wasteland of unsalvageable scrap metal, boarded up factories and the skeletal remains of an industry that has long ago shut up shop and left, our location meant that creating a narrative was easy, and the puppets seemed to do the work for us, which is always nice. Despite her blank expression and one glass eye, AGN8S turned out to be a natural poser! S8TH and O1GA proved to be more of a challenge, as their awkwardly shaped forms make balancing a problem! Nevertheless, we managed to capture some really splendid shots against something a little more interesting that the white studio background.

Dan at work


As always, my wonderful photographer Daniel James was on hand to help with lighting and composition, but most importantly capturing the perfect shots! I should also throw in a mention that Dan has been an infinite source of information and help while building my new site and blog! None of this would be here without him, including these wonderful images!




All the puppets from this shoot are available to buy from my Etsy shop!

Happy Days!

Krista Joy 23/1/12

A while ago I found myself wondering how I could make the dragons more accessible to children, as they seem to be the ones who are most attracted to the cute little guys! But being small enough to chew, this was not an easy option.

Once again, Billy Dylan saved the day, inspiring the ‘living illustration’ where a small portion of scenery is framed and mounted on the wall or mantle, with a little slice of life captured perfectly therein, including a collectible dragon, named  and presented with a certificate as usual!

Once again with the help of my photographer, the perfect little frames have been acquired for housing these cute little scenes. Tiny mushrooms, tress and birdies abound make these cute little scenes a gorgeous addition to a nursery or bedroom wall!

Each one comes in its own sturdy handmade box, made to fit and padded accordingly to ensure each dragon reaches you in perfect condition!



Bring a bit of dragon magic into your house today!


Krista Joy

January 2012


Pepper for Art Doll QuarterlyWith the new website almost launched, its time to carry on with the other jobs I’ve set for myself. I daren’t say the word ‘resolutions’ because if you break those, people whinge at you. If I put off a job, it’s not so bad!

With the usual holidays in store, a selection of new dragons will be appearing on the Billy Dylan at Etsy site, with cute Valentines dragons being first.

More excitingly, my collection of Bluebank stories will be hopefully be available for download soon, with the help of my partner in crime! Some freebies might be included as well as special offers and limited edition collectibles down the line, so watch closely, as we’ll be following progress right here!

Since a story is always better with pictures (well, it is for me, anyway, I’m very much in touch with my inner child!) the image for this little blog is of Pepper, who will can be seen in the Spring Issue of Art Doll Quarterly, a glorious magazine that’s right up my street for inspiration and a glance into the world of one my favourite things! Check it out for yourself!


Of course, when Pepper makes her debut I will be shouting it from the rooftops, being my first American publication, but until then I’ll just leave you with Pepper doing what she does best – posing!


Krista Joy

Jan 17, 2011