The Wood Witch – on Location with Brunhilda

IMG_3737I can honestly say I don’t remember when Brunhilda was made.  I know I was leafing through ‘The Art of the Discworld’ and admiring the massive talents of Terry Priachett and Paul Kidby.  The witches were my favourites.  Admittedly I’ve never been able to get my head around the books, depite knowing about stories.  Instead, I lapped up the imagery. Nanny Ogg, with her gleaming, toothy mouth, killer wit and instant visual appeal, was the inspiration behind Brunhilda.   A few bits of tweed and a knitted basket of goodies later, Brunhilda was on her way.

It’s been a while and sadly she’s been tucked away in a cupboard, but with the recent weather, I convinced the photographer to take a trip with me to the local woods to find the perfect tree.


I’d been adding to my fantasy Pintrest board and discovered ‘Fairy Doors’, magical little miniatures that serve as garden ornaments and an entrance for tiny visitors from the Otherworld.   Naturally Brunhilda is a little taller than a fairy, but a simple, slightly bigger door, as well as a tiny lamp (which actually lights up!) and some of my favourite fly agaric mushrooms (the cute red and white spotty one that no respectable fairy tale can be without) added a little life to the perfect background.  We only had to walk a little way to find the perfect tree to set up.  The light was perfect, so Dan was free to work his magic and bring Brunhilda to life!


And here she is!


Photography by Daniel James Photography.  All photographs ©KristaJoy2014

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