Portia and Purdy go to Bude – On Location

Screen Shot 2013-08-18 at 16.14.44It’s been a while since we’ve done an on-location shoot, but thankfully the weather was in our favour (for a change) as we headed to sunny Bude, Cornwall, along with sisters Portia and Purdy.

I first developed the idea for a vintage beach goer while admiring the pages of an Edwardian fashion magazine.  I did some research and some doodles and came up with the original design for Portia.  I did take some liberties with the style of her outfit, since she is showing rather a lot of leg, but have made some major revelations in using darts to shape the body.

journal28.2Shortly after I began making Portia, I thought wouldn’t it be wonderful to give her a companion, since I love to see how the puppets interact with each other, as well as the situations we place them in.  Little Purdy also gave me an excuse to finally use pink wool roving to make realistic-looking candyfloss. I must admit her hat was not made by me since I haven’t learned to crotchet yet, but by my mom.  Thanks, Mom!

There was one casualty of the shoot, and that was Purdy’s goldfish.  The poor little fellow, made of polymer clay and set in a little glass jar, never fully set. When we got to the beach his water was slanting and the goldfish almost belly up.  At least we got one photograph, albeit in the kitchen at home!

Despite high winds against us on the flat of the beach, Daniel James has once again managed to capture some wonderful photographs.  We weren’t brave enough to go too close to the water since the beach was wonderfully busy.  The background of striped windbreakers umbrellas adorning the beach created a lovely atmosphere, and it is so rare to see a British beach with a blue sky.  We decided to play around with the colours and give the final images a vintage feel.  I love sepia photography and it suited the girls perfectly.

Thanks to Daniel James Photography for his hard work, patience and wonderful photographs.


P&P3 P&P2 P&P1 IMG_0182

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