Physics for Dogs – Marking the fourth Bluebank Publication

Well, it’s been a different week.  As well as being in and out of the post office sending puppets and dragons off to new homes (and I wont deny how much I love wrapping parcels) I found myself scouring the archives at my local library.  I’m ashamed to say it’s something I’ve never done before, and to be honest the idea of so much history available at the fingertips was scintillating, as well as a smell and texture I had long since forgotten.  I don’t go to the library enough anymore, but I think the archives will be calling me back.

Thanks to the good folks at the Stourbridge Historical Society I was able to procure the perfect cover image, of both a place and time pinnacle to the story.

I am proud to launch the fourth story in the first Bluebank Anthology, Physics for Dogs, which is available as an ebook from, along with the rest of the series.  You can keep up with other publications by visiting the Lost Feather Press website.

In all honesty Physics for Dogs has jumped the queue, as it was never intended to be included in the first anthology.  It’s overtaken The Imaginary History or Edwina Green, which hopefully will be released before the end of 2012.  This of course means the anthology will be complete and hopefully realsed in a hard copy before the spring.

Still, it’s exciting to see a story that started off so differently finally complete and ready to be unleashed! I cannot finish without saying a big thank you to Mark Hare of The Bookworms Apple, whose indispensable advice and critique have made this tale complete.

Lets hope this blasted writers block lifts soon and I can get on with other stories!

Happy reading!

Krista Joy 12/10/12





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