Igor’s Day Out

Every once in a while the need comes to get out and about, especially as we near the last quater of the year and the nights are darker. Since I spotted the perfect creepy location for an autumnal shoot, Igor seemed the perfect candidate.

We set up at the beautiful Stew Pony Warf, a prime example of our beautiful Black Country canal system.  With the help of Daniel James, Igor, along with his wheelbarrow full of goodies (including the ooey gooey bottles seen with Grandma Goblin in Swamp Casserole) strutted his stuff up the old cobbles.  His little wheelbarrow was a delightful adition to the image. Who knows, since it has gone back into my prop store it might well pop up again!

We have now bid a fond farewell to Igor, who was lucky enough to go to a new home this week! You can see more like him at our Etsy shop.

Happy days!

Krista Joy, 9/10/12



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