A Productive Month

It’s been a productive month!


I’ll admit again I have let this whole blogging thing slip, but in between grappling with writers block, correcting a novel and trying to learn how to put my hair into victory rolls (which when you have as much hair as me is apparently impossible), it doesn’t leave much time for bloggery.

The third book in the Bluebank series has gone to proofreading, so as well as hopefully entertaining

 a new reader, The Imaginary History of Edwina Green will soon be available to download. I must admit it’s still weird to see my work on iTunes – I’m never going to stop feeling like an amateur. Maybe if I learn to spell the feeling will wear off, but when in this lifetime is that going to happen?

Since finding myself on holiday battling through the split personality of the British weather, I have been able to see some of the most breath-taking landscapes the south has to offer, some of which we had to get lost to come across! Ripped tights were defiantly worth it when I was scrabbling over rocks and stacking stones, helping Dan add some wonderful photos to his portfolio! This is just one of my own snaps; I’m no photographer but this stuff defiantly gets the creative juices going!

On the dragon front I’ll be commencing a new commission soon, so watch the gallery for pictures of those. In the mean time, a relaxing break and some good old-fashioned torrential rain has meant some serious doodle time!


On a final note, I was lucky enough to have one of my dragon dioramas featured on Must Have Cute this week. You can see the feature here! And just in case you are interested in taking this little number home with you, (or commissioning another like it) you can purchase ‘My Favourite Season’ from the Billy Dylan at Etsy Shop

Let the good times roll!


Krista Joy 20/6/12

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