First Tattoo Design Expertly Executed

So it’s been a while since I posted, (smack on the wrist I know) but it’s not like I haven’t been busy! With one short story checked and another under the pen as we speak, it’s closing into the time I can post a link to the free ebook download of ‘A Murder of Crows‘. Eep!

unique tattoo artist design

But in my spare time my pen has strayed from the supernatural, and onto the nature of the tattoo. Thanks to a willing friend a work of art has actually been immortalised! The image you see was created by Rob McNeill of Ethereal Ink, Kinver, and frankly I think he’s it given it a whole new feel. I hope the client is as pleased as I am – I’m still bragging about it to anyone who will listen!

Rob took the original sketch (below) and developed it into a suitable design, adding clouds and stars which tie in with the clients other tattoos. The angel will eventually tie in with a design covering the entire calf.

This has been a real learning curve for me as an artist. Where it has been glorious picking up my pencil and spending hours on end drawing to my hearts content, I have also had to adapt my style and clean up my act, so to speak, using cleaner, bolder lines and develop a new method of shading!

If anyone thinks tattoo artists have it easy, think again! My job is easy – you can use an eraser on paper – but ink on skin is permanent! Ethereal Ink, I take my hat off to you!

Still, I have so far managed to produce four rough flash sheets that will hopefully be for sale online soon! Look out for Fairies, Flowers and Butterflies, and Pin Up Girls!


Krista Joy

February 26 2012

Photograph curtesy of Daniel James Photography


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